Meusburger Novtrak is breaking records using steel produced by SSAB

Meusburger Novtrak is breaking records using steel produced by SSAB

At the beginning of 2016, Meusburger Novtrak became a My Inner Strenx Program member in Russia and the CIS. Today, this Novgorod-based company uses this best-in-class high-strength Strenx™ steel to manufacture all of its trailer equipment, making it the market leader in this segment.

New out this summer, the SP-454 Strong, an 4-axle grain trailer is so far the only model from a domestic manufacturer with similar characteristics. The weight of the semitrailer was a record low of 8.5 metric tons, whereas the average weight of similar 3-axle semitrailers is around 9 metric tons. The additional fourth axle provides optimal weight distribution and means the maximum cargo load can go up to 42 metric tons. This kind of progress could be achieved by using Strenx high-strength steel. This allowed to make a lighter and stronger chassis design.  

“We get good results using Strenx. We reduced repair costs, and we are getting more positive feedback from our clients. I can certainly say that the My Inner Strenx - program is already paying off,” says Meusburger Novtrak Maintenance Engineer, Anton Nosov.

Meusburger Novtrak uses steel from SSAB in the manufacture of each of its models. No matter if it is a trailer, semitrailer, tipper, low bed trailer, or grain trailer, the basic requirements are the same: strength and the most optimal weight. And these are exactly the features  that matter to SSAB and the manufacturer Meusburger Novtrak. This successful combination produces excellent results, and so it is no coincidence that this Novgorod based company is one of the largest manufacturers of trailer equipment in Russia. 

“By using Strenx high-strength structural steel and bold technical solutions Meusburger Novtrak can certainly count being the domestic market leader,” adds Evgenii Ushakov, Regional Sales Manager for SSAB.

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