MPG Cranes - The importance of choosing the right supplier

MPG Cranes - The importance of choosing the right supplier

MPG Machinery Production Group Inc., which is regarded as one of the major producers in the crane industry, heavily relies on high-strength steel manufactured by SSAB. The company’s use of Strenx performance steel as well as Hardox wear resistant steel, for some of its special projects, has resulted in a number of standout applications. One of them is the highest manlift in Turkey, with a working platform height of 73 m.



The Kombassan Holding Company, named MPG Machinery Production, is among the major crane manufacturers in Turkey. The company produces products under its own brands, such as Özyata?anl?, Tuta? and Komt, among others, for both the domestic and international markets. Examples of products include such machinery as telescopic mobile crane models as well as high-capacity folding cranes.


73-meter Manlift

As a highly regarded engineering company, MPG Machinery strives to make a significant contribution to the industry’s development. As MPG Machinery Logistics and Purchasing Manager Mustafa Nasuh Boyac?o?lu explains, raising the bar has to due with both innovative designs as well as the choice of material.
"We are currently working to produce one of Europe's highest-reaching manlift platforms. We continue to test our Manlift, which is designed to be mounted on a 4 axle rigid truck and have access up to the height of 73 m. This product will be one of our models that will allow us to compete in Europe. All of the steel is supplied by SSAB.”
The demand for more innovative cranes is what is driving the progression that is taking place at MPG. As a result, the company is involved in the development of a number of new products in addition to the 73-meter crane. One of them is another new manlift for the Israeli market, which will be able to reach heights of up to 60 meters.
For both cranes and similar products, MPG Machinery uses a combination of 6-15 mm Strenx 700 and 960, Strenx 1100 and 1300, as well as 10 mm Hardox 400 and 500.


Compliance with the European standard EN 280

The use of Strenx and Hardox steel will play a major role as MPG continues to develop new and innovative products. These special steels have not posed any major issues in MPG’s production routines. In fact, each month, MPG Machinery can produce up to 15 mobile folding cranes with weight-lifting capacities from 10 to 150 tons. In 2016, the company produced 122 machines in total.

Emphasizing that MPG is one of the determinants of the emerging market, Boyac?o?lu explains that the company is also successfully working with their suppliers. Underlying the importance of the continuous development.
"We are developing all the machines in our product range in accordance with the existing standards. In this regard, we fully complied with the European standard EN 280. Currently, all stages have been completed and all relevant documents have been sent to Denmark for certification. MPG is the first Turkish company that has done this. After receiving that certification, our machines can be used as manlifts on construction sites.”



Intensive use of Strenx

According to Boyac?o?lu, while working with their suppliers, MPG first sends them the characteristics of their project and requests products that are suitable. They begin manufacturing only after passing the delivered products through all necessary tests.
During production MPG receives the full support of SSAB technical staff regarding the selection of steel, its thickness, as well as welding and bending procedures.
"SSAB is a first class supplier. We receive help from SSAB in many areas - ranging from product development to technical support, and even in terms of advertising,” explains Boyac?o?lu. “The quality of their products is never compromised. They are one of the oldest steelmakers in the world. We are extremely happy with SSAB as a manufacturer who has a lot of technical knowledge and is focused on the quality."

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