Yellow goods and construction machinery

Yellow goods and construction machinery

Yellow goods, used for road construction and other kinds of earthmoving activities, operate in harsh conditions. Its components are subject to wear and abrasion from asphalt, rocks and other abrasive materials. Simultaneously, all frame structures need to be rigid and strong to endure dumping loads. In these conditions, increasing wear resistance in components subjected to wear can lower life-cycle costs and decrease down time. SSAB's wear plate Hardox has unique characteristics of excellent toughness and hardness as well as superior workshop properties. It can also be used as a load-bearing part in many applications, due to its strong structural properties.

Using Hardox® steel, with increased wear resistance and yield strength, for your yellow goods or construction machinery gives you the opportunity to design lighter structures without loosing strength. For a typical excavator the weight can be reduced by 10-30%.


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